Used Tower Crane : Liebherr 50/63LC

Make :	Liebherr
Model :	50/63LC
Year :	2003
Jib length :	45 m
Height :	36 m
Condition :	Very good condition
Availability :	Available 
Liebherr AG, Construction Crane business-line of the international group. Liebherr's program of construction cranes is unparalleled in its sheer versatility, including cranes of all systems and sizes, for every application.

Liebherr builds tower cranes of all systems and in every size category: bottom-slewing fast erecting cranes with solid-walled or lattice towers, easily erected top-slewing cranes with trolley, cantilever, fly, telescopic, articulated, folding or special-purpose jibs.

Liebherr crane can be used in any number of ways and are therefore particularly economical. They can operate as climbing cranes inside or outside high buildings, or be used on fixed foundations, screw jacks, rails, wheels or crawler tracks.

About hkmachine

HKmachine is an information center for used machines, used tower cranes and other equipments. By the way, we are specializes in Tower Cranes and Mobile Cranes. 工程機械買賣 - 租賃塔式起重機
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